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His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, in the presence of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, launched yesterday the national campaign to preserve the marine environment Sinyar 5 at Bayan Palace. Read the rest of this entry »

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An announcement was recently made by Senyar Dive Team at the Voluntary Work Center (VWC) regarding the commencement of its new project for the protection of marine environment. The new project deals with deploying coastal mooring buoys to protect the coral reefs from destruction and damage caused by island visitors who recklessly anchor their boats without proper consideration for the safety of the coral reefs surrounding the islands in Kuwait. The project leader Mr. Ali Annani announced that the team has already deployed 10 buoys in Kubbar Island and more buoys will be deployed in the future at Qarouh and Umm almaradem Islands. Mr. Annani indicated that the deployed mooring buoys are in the shape of a yellow sphere tied to a steel cable and fixed on the sea floor so that visitors can anchor their boats using those buoys. The main objective of this project is to preserve the coral reefs from the land side, in addition when the team conducted a field assessment study; it concluded that there are negative impacts on the reef as a result of improper usage of boat anchors at the island. Finally, Mr. Annani is appealing to island visitors to use those newly deployed mooring buoys to anchor their boats so that coral reefs are saved from further damage.

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A unique lecture was given by Mr. Qusaie Karam titled “Sea Urchin: A Good Indicator for Marine Pollution” on Monday April 6th 2010 at the Voluntary Work Center (VWC) as part of the numerous lectures given by Senyar Dive Team members. Mr. Karam highlighted the main aspects of sea urchin life cycle, the principle biological characteristics, and its relationship with various marine organisms coexisting with it. The lecturer focused on the significance of the sea urchin organisms as good indicator for pollution in the marine and its response to the toxicity of Kuwait crude oil with the addition of oil dispersants which are used to combat oil spill. The lecture included presentation of educational photos and videos describing the strong bond between sea urchins and their surrounding environment.




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A very educational lecture was given on Monday March 29th 2010 by Captain/ Basel Bo Hamad titled “The Physics of Diving”. Captain Bo Hamad discussed thoroughly many aspects of diving physics such as: the differences in sound transfer, light refraction, differences in sound traveling speed and heat transfer. He also explained the concepts of air pressure, vacuums, and the main precautions that a diver should consider when attempting to attend a diving session.

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an interview by Hussain Al-Qatari been made with MR. Hussain Al-Qallaf the team leader

see the KUWAIT TIMES interview

OR download a PDF ver.

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alanba 21-12-09

Al – Anba’a: Al – Qallaf: we are going forward with our plan to achieve ecological balance and protect the marine life. The team Senyar of the voluntary work center participated in the work shop to protect sharks, especially shark whale, where recently become threatened with extinction due to decrease in their numbers in the UAE under the care of the ruler of Fujairah. The vice president of the center on team leader Husain Al – Qallaf confirmed that the team is going forward with its plan towards the interest in the ecological balance and protecting the life in the sea, whether at the local the gulf, even Arabian level. He also pointed out that the team Senyar represented Kuwait in the work shop where they talked about the experience Kuwait went in lately of rescuing the shark whale in marina basin. The responses were high, thanks to the professional manner in which they dealt with rescuing the shark and keeping it away from harm.

The work shop was attended by many scientists, researchers, and those interested in the areas of preserving the marine environment and restore the ecological balance, which helped them to exchange experience and skills.

alrai 21-12-2009

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Al –Nahar , Al – Watan , Al – Anba , and Al – Rai news paper :

Under the care and the attendance Sheikha Amthal Al – Ahmed president of the voluntary work center. The environment public authority represented by its chairman, Dr. Salah Al – Mudhi, honored the participants in saving the whale shark due to the combined efforts of the voluntary work centre , the diving team of the scientific club , and other centers , who worked united to save a whale shark trapped in the marina basin . the general manager of the public authority for environment Dr. Salah Al – Mudhi that the rescue of the shark whale was the result of the solidarity and union of several agencies in order to preserve wild life in the sea under the care of the environment public authority .

On other hand (for her part) Sheikha Amthal Al – Ahmed president of voluntary work center said that such efforts made during the rescue operation is something Kuwait would be proud of , and referred to the gulf and global communication received by the voluntary work (Senyar) commending the professional manner in which we dealt with the situation where as some countries requested a photographed copy of the rescue operation to benefit and gain experience.

Finally , in the presence of the director of scientific center Dr. Mujbil Al – Mutawa , commemorative Sheikh and certificates of appreciation were presented to government official and voluntary parties , of whom the general administration of the coast guard the scientific center , the diving team of the scientific club , team Senyar , the environment public authority , and the medical team of the ministry of health.

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Under the auspices and attendance of Sheikha Amthal Jabber Al – Sabah chair person of the Voluntary Work Center , the environment public authority represented by its chair man Dr. Salah Al – Modhy honored the participant in the saving of the whale shark stuck in Marina. In the presence of the director of scientific center. Engineer Mujbil Al – Mutawaa , commemorative shields and certificates of thanks and appreciation were presented to government official and volunteer ???? , Also they honored the general administrator of coast guard the scientific center , the diving team of the scientific club , Senyar team , the environment public authority team , and the medical team of the ministry of health .

Coverage and photography by the team of photography and documentation.

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The Senyar diving team of voluntary work center launched a web site to follow – up the sea turtles .

The coordinator of study in the Kuwait navy (marine) centre Mr. Husain Al – Qallaf to KUNA that launching the web site comes as a continuation of the efforts of the team in conservation of sea turtles from extinction. Al – Qallaf also added that the launch is also a result of cooperation of the voluntary work centre , the French company (Total) , the Scientific centre , and the general administration of the coast guard in order to study and follow up of sea turtle . Al – Qallaf also cleared that the site is marked by the information and rare pictures of the sea turtles , making it easier for researchers to obtain information and follow – up all that is new about sea turtles .

He noted that the team developed a plan to maintain awareness to preserve the turtles from extinction , through the provision of lectures in schools for all levels of education . in addition Al – Qallaf called the special authorities to male efforts to protect the marine environment through the development of an awareness program and activity of educational media aimed at the hunters , the pioneers of the sea and the maritime clubs and schools to restore the protection and rehabilitation of sea turtles , especially during the breeding on the islands of Kuwait .

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Senyar team of voluntary work centre headed by Sheikha Amthal Al – Ahmed saved a turtle in a record time , and was examined by a number of specialist . the president of Senyar team Husain Al – Qallaf in a statement for KUNA : the team made a huge effort to save a green turtle trapped within basins designed for cooling generators at Shuiba plant.

He also added that the team returned the turtle to its natural habitation the shore of Kubar island , clarifying that this type of turtles is crucial in maintaining the balance and preserving it from distinction .

He said that sea turtles are an important part of the eco system , a creature that is sensitive to environmental changes and is being used as indictor of environmental health and stability , also the presence of turtles as avital and natural condition of the marine environment .

Al – Qallaf said that the team thereby adding another milestone to its achievements .

Speaking of the achievements of the team , Al – Qallaf said that the team was able to close one of the main manholes in Mushref station of sanitation .

A few days earlier , the team was able to install tracking devices on a number of turtles caught in Kubar island for follow – up via satellite to keep them from extinction because of their importance in the ecological balance .

Different types of turtles come to the regional waters , four types were spotted .” the green turtle “ – the most comment type , “ hawksbill turtle “ – one of the endangered species soft – shelled turtle – the largest type of turtles in addition to the Big Head Turtle

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